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Vahe Twisted Creations are unique, personal handcrafted expressions of quality and value artisanally designed by Vahe Karapetyan. Each uniquely twisted piece speaks individually.

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Vahe Karapetyan was born in 1980 in Erevan City, Armenia, in a rich environment that inspired his unique style of jewelry-making. His mother ensured that art and culture were a daily part of life, and his surroundings in Armenia were full of detail and beautiful embellishments. Even today, fueled by Armenia’s nearly 3,000 year-old jewelry design legacy, he recalls the motifs from his childhood in his designs – from churches to park doors, even the garden doors on his grandparent’s home. Combining the aesthetics of “East meets West,” he has created his own special “twisted” metal style that’s distinct and instantly recognizable.

Vahe’s first true introduction to the world of gems and jewelry art came at age 12,when a jeweler neighbor shared some of the works and mineral collection he had accumulated after his long trips to Middle East and India. Vahe’s interest for this art skyrocketed after a class trip to a museum of history and art of Armenia, where he saw a very unique technique that was used in creating some of most beautiful local jewelry. But his first experiment with creating something didn’t start till Vahe was 22, when he purchased few simple beads and couple of feet of fine copper wire. After leaving Armenia in 2003, Vahe arrived in Los Angeles, where he shifted to more valuable and rare metals such as gold, silver and natural gemstones and his jewelry business began to flourish under the name Vahe Twisted.

In 2004, his work garnered much attention when his jewelry was included in the gift bags made for the hit TV series, “Americas Next Top Model.” After that success, in 2005, he got his first representation by the very exclusive boutique ‘”PAVE`” in Beverly Hills. Vahe Twisted jewelry can now be found in select high-end boutiques in many metropolitan markets. Vahe is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality and value of his handcrafted work as the business grows, making sure that every piece is unique and personal and speaks to each customer individually.

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Under Construction... Coming January 2018

U.S. customers only. For inquires or to place an phone order, feel free to email us or give us a call at 323.898.2445.

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